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Are You An AngelDivaGirl?

Do you want to be a woman known for her independent style, cultural awareness and business savvy?


AngelDivaGirl fans include Wendy Williams (Art Mirror}, Deborah Duncan of Great Day Houston, Melissa Wilson and Natalie Bombky Fox TV News. and The new Mrs US Janet Rudolph. our first AngelDivaGirl.

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Support Angel Diva Girl by shopping with us. We have an amazing selection of handcrafted jewelry, fashions and even our own t-shirts. A portion of every sale made via the website will go directly into supporting Angel Diva Girl projects, empowering women and girls throughout the world.

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Shop AngelDivaGirl Designs

By shopping with us, you will be helping Angel Diva Girl to extend our outreach program for women and girls everywhere.

Angel Diva Girl Style

Redesigned 60′s clip-ons and vintage mans hat

AngelDivaGirl Designs are for lovers of beautiful unique, products including vintage and vintage inspired styles. Sophisticated Fashionistas,, boho, quirky, girly, hipster, tomboy, goth, pop princess, glam, steampunk, emo, scene, whatever you might label yourself, check out the AngelDivaGirlstyle.


Angel Diva Girl Jewelry

Our Angel Diva Girl jewelry line is completely unique to our website. Handcrafted by our Angel Diva Girls, we have a fantastic selection of artisan crafted gemstones, couture cuffs and more. Choose from our beautiful combinations of vintage rhinestone jewelry, semiprecious stones and crystals. Bling out the Angel or Diva in you!


A Message From Our Creative Director

“AngelDivaGirl  for me is a  lifestyle movement for those who are weary of only one standard of beauty and excessive focus on foolery. . Tired of the need to achieve the ” It Girl” Beauty of contoured noses and botoxed cheeks.. The AngelDivaGirl philosophy is honor the angel, celebrate the diva and empower the little girl that exists inside each of us  to be uniquely you.  Its focus is to love yourself and be happy with your individual style and differences. The AngelDivaGirl lifestyle products respect the beauty of old merged with the best of the new . Be uniquely you and Love it!”

—Angel Diva Girl Creative Director, Ramona Harper

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